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If you have never subscribed to and RSS feed before try this: Click on the +Add to Google icon above. Choose 'Add to Google Reader' on the next page that loads. (you will need to login with your google account - you can get one for free by choosing 'Create an Account Now')

RSS feeds provide a really easy way to keep track of changing information from websites, blogs podcasts etc. While you can click on a link for an RSS feed in a web browser, the trick is to SUBSCRIBE to RSS feeds with an RSS Reader or Aggregator. If you are not sure what all this means, clicking on my default feed will take you to a web page generated by feedburner. Read the top section of that page for help with subscribing.

Other RSS feeds from me:

Yahoo Pipe - with everything but the kitchen sink.

PodCast tip: if you subscribe to the RSS feed for a podcast using a 'podcatcher' (like iTunes), the audio .mp3 files for each new episode will be automatically downloaded to your computer. When you attach your portable .mp3 player (or iPod) and synchronize, the new episodes will be automagically transferred, ready for your listening pleasure.